My Beloved Stood Up For Me


I just read a day old inspiration on your page with regards to ladies who rush into marriages and later on cheat on their partners with their exes. This is not like that but something good that has happened to me.

My beloved for two years and four months recently had such an encounter. She comes from a very good home, morally and wealthy wise, she’s blessed. She’s a very good girl and her parents are very proud of her. Because of her meekness and contentment she’s been literally put in charge of everything. I must say she’s blessing in my life. Her parents from the beginning didn’t know she’s in a relationship not to talk of being with someone for these years.

Somewhere early this year, she called me one night and I was shocked at what she told me. Her elder brother is studying for His PHD in the UK and happens to have met a young man who’s also studying for his PHD. They got to familiarized with each other and I think they spoke about relationships etc. My beloved’s brother gave a good testimony about his sister and the next morning my supposed Brother in-law called their mother that he’s found a boyfriend for his sister who was willing to come down and marry her.

They called my beloved and gave her the “good news” but her response amazed them and trust me it amazed myself. She told them that she has a boyfriend and at the appropriate time they’ll see me. She further asked them how sure they were that this “gentleman” loved her? And finally told them the gentleman only needs someone to fill space in his life. She doesn’t want to fill space but wants to love and be loved.

Auntie Abena after she told me this, I couldn’t eat or sleep well for one week. I just couldn’t imagine for a second losing this pearl. She affirmed her love for me and we are growing stronger each day. The good news is that her family were so curious to know who I was that their daughter will reject a “supposed PHD” holder for. Her father took my number and we’ve been talking for sometime now, he’s a goodman and their family are good people. She knows my mom too. I’m not financially stable now but I know before 2023 we will settle down.

Lest I forget, I just hold bachelor’s degree but she knows my potentials. I pray we become great.

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Written by Abena Magis

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