My BF Sent Me Videos of Him Bleeping A Lady


Hope you’re doing great this morning? I’m really sad today.
My boyfriend has sent me pics and videos of him bleeping a lady.

For some days now, he’s been telling me that he’s feeling for sex. I even told him to control himself, because we’ve scheduled to meet after the elections. (He’s a military personnel).

So last three days, he told me there’s this neighbor of his who’s also in the mood but her boyfriend isn’t around. He was thinking of have it with her but it’s not out of love. I pleaded with him not to do that because he hardly knows the lady and I also don’t want to be infected with any STI.

I thought that was settled but this guy had it with her, took pictures and videos and sent them to me. For what, I don’t know. He’s now telling me that he’s sorry for bleeping the lady and I should forgive him.

Auntie Abena what bores me koraa is that he did it raw. No protection. This is a man we’re planning to marry next year o.
Auntie I want to quit this relationship. I can’t put my life at risk and also face another pictures and videos from him having sex with other ladies.

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Written by Abena Magis

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