My Boyfriend Doesn’t Know I Know


May God bless you for the good work in letting us know what is really going on in this life.

I think our men of today are hiding their real sexual preference from us. This is about my boyfriend.

I am going out with this handsome gentle guy. He’s loving and very caring. We initially planned not to have sex before we got married but at a point something prompted me to ask for sex because I was so much into him. I told him I wanted him and he reminded me of what we agreed on so I kept mute.

I don’t know why but I had a feeling he might be cheating on me. Quickly, I spoke to two ladies and set a trap for him, twice but he didn’t fail. In fact, he really disgrace them. He made them know that he was dating and that he cannot cheat on me. I felt ashamed for setting him up and trusted him with all my heart.

However, I observed something. His friends were mostly guys which I was happy about. It’s just that there was a password on his phone which he only knew how to unlock it. This made me curious and wonder what at all he’s hiding from me.

I decided to overlook it but I was getting hornier than ever so I forced him for one. He has a satisfactory D and on that fateful day, he did his best which I enjoyed. His performance wasn’t that satisfactory though but, I took it like that.

He slept over that night and left the phone lying beside him. I got curious so I took the phone and tried the password he uses for his ATM on the phone lock. Viola. It worked.

Auntie Abena, what I saw shocked me to the core! He had chats from strange names on his phone. He had exchanged nude pics and same sex (guys) porns. Those names were saved very strangely on the phone so I picked two of the contacts. I just wanted to find out who those people were.

Both of them were guys! And where those chats were hidden on my boyfriend’s phone, only God directed me there. In one of the chat, he told the person that, he’s getting married just to please family and friends and bla bla bla.

In fact, I got shocked with what I saw but I placed the phone back and pretended nothing happened when he woke up. After some days, I intentionally asked him that before we get married could we share some secrets we all have. He said nothing close to his sexual orientation.

I intentionally added to mine that, there was this school mother of mine that had wanted to introduce me to lesbianism but I didn’t give in to her. Then I asked him whether he ever faced something like that. He told me he really hates those gay things in his life.

Auntie Abena, please help me. How do I turn this guy down because due to his sexual orientation, he doesn’t give me the necessary attention. I thought it wasn’t because he always seemed very busy but after confirming this truth, I think I wouldn’t want to enter into something of that sort.

Even comparing the way he chats with guys to how he chats with me, mine very low. Indeed he was getting a lady just to please people.

My advice is that we ladies have to wise up these days before we enter into something just to please people.

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Written by Abena Magis

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