My Boyfriend is Angry I Didn’t Get Him a Vals Day Gift


Good day. Trust you’re good please. I’m pregnant for the guy I’ve been dating for the past 3 years. My problem is I lost my job just a few weeks after meeting this guy.

I did the little I could to survive and not depend on him. Before we met, I had an uncompleted shop but till now he hasn’t even made an attempt to help me set up a business even tho I always talk about saving money to get the shop started. He will rather be asking me for money and things and if I say I don’t have he’ll call me stingy.

I’ve always given him gifts on normal days and occasions if I have the money but he won’t even bother to get me one or even say sorry for not giving me. And because I don’t talk about it, he feels I’m cool for these years. 4th February was his birthday I had no money but knowing he needs a watch and a perfume, I boxed a watch he gifted to me on my first birthday when we started dating and borrowed a perfume which was GHS250 for him.

He didn’t accept the watch that it was a gift he gave to me and was all moody because I didn’t get him the watch too. Thus I promised to get it for him when I get money. Now the owner needed to get her money which had made me sick for 2 weeks because I didn’t know how I was going to pay her back.

Luckily for me I had an order on Saturday which I made GHS240cedis out of, I quickly added GHS10 and paid back the money for the perfume. Yesterday Sunday being Val’s Day, I couldn’t get him anything because I had no money. I got presents from my friends but nothing from my boyfriend (he has never gotten me a present on Val’s Day before. Not even a chocolate and he’s never even bothered). The only thing I received from him was “Happy Val’s Day ” and that was all. Hmmmm.

Just this morning, he sent me a message asking me to send him some of the money I made from the order yesterday. He wanted to use it for his TNT to work. Honestly, this got me thinking a lot. This is a person I’m 6 weeks pregnant for and will have his baby. I eat like something but he doesn’t bother to send money or ask whether I’ve eaten or not.

The funniest part is that he started talking to me with much more disrespect after I told him I was pregnant. I’m really confused right now.
I’m thinking out soo loud, I’m scared to abort too I can’t think straight.
Is this person gonna be a good father? I don’t want my kid to suffer and this is a guy who doesn’t feel my pain nor understand that I’m jobless. Please help me.

Written by Abena Magis

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