My Boyfriend is Frustrating Me


Please my boyfriend is frustrating me and I don’t know what to do. I met him here on your platform after breaking up with my ex because the family didn’t aprove of me. We started dating 3 months ago.

I told him everything concerning my life and how I nearly committed suicide if not for a group of friends who saved me and all. These friends of mine are all males. (3 of them). They paid for my counseling sections and everything else so they’ve automatically become like my family. I’ve never dated any of them.

I explained everything that I went through to this my boyfriend and told hi, those guys saved my life. They call once in a while to check up on me. I don’t have female friends too. Even after telling him all these, he said I should cut ties with them.

He’s such a jealous guy that he doesn’t even want me to wave at a guy or smile with them. I got an accommodation recently so he joined me to take a look at the place. Upon getting there, he told me there are guys around so he doesn’t like the place.

Auntie Abena, that’s not all. I have an online business running that he’s helping me with it. If someone says “hi dear,” then I’m in trouble. Aside that, he’s the slim type who doesn’t like eating. I try helping him with some medicine and went to see a nutritionist because of him. But he said he read something online which states that’s how his body metabolism is. ( I’m a physician assistant ).

Aside that, he attacks whenever we are having a discussion. We had a little misunderstanding in public one day. He started talking on top of his voice and attacking me. People started staring at us so I moved some distance away from him. When we came back, he told me I’m very disrespectful. I shouldn’t have moved away from him.

Then he said he’s an African man and women have to keep quiet when their man is talking. You obey his orders and not complain. He doesn’t believe in helping in the kitchen. It’s totally for women and a whole lot.

Auntie Abena, I have never given any reason for this man to think I’ll cheat on him. He helps me in some ways which I really appreciate but I’m choking already. I want us to be best friends in ths relationship but he tells me I’m being childish. If I play with him, he’ll me to stop being childish.????

When I talk too, he says I have shouted at him and it’s disrespectful but auntie Abena that’s my normal tome. He is 35 while I’m 27. He is just a control freak. I wish to be free around him but immediately I see him, my heart begins to beat. I become very scared. He’s really frustrating me.

Please I need your advice.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. You can never live with such person just break up with him and you will surely find someone…… This desperation of some ladies to be in relationship or marry will cause you people serious harm oo

  2. These are the signs you need to leave him. If you don’t leave him now, things may actually turn out for the worst.

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