My Boyfriend Says We Should Break Up for 3 Months


Good morning. God bless you and your fans for helping in solving relationship and personal issues. I have a problem and I’ll like your team to advice me on what to do since I’m confused.

I have been in a relationship with this guy for close to a year now. Our relationship from the beginning was one beautiful love story that I didn’t want to end. This guy loved me unconditionally and I did same. We were happy together and everything seemed perfect until recently when we started having a few issues. Our finances have gone down drastically and as a man, he’s always thinking and mostly moody.

I’m that type of lady that loves to cling to her man always, I’m not by any chance insinuating that I’m inconsiderate but I feel with my presence around, he should be able to cheer up a little but unfortunately the reverse Is the case. We argue almost everyday and he’s suggested breakup severally but I always end up talking him out of it.

Now to the main problem, he says that we should break up for three months and go our separate ways and that in the space of these months we’re both at liberty to do what we want and if we eventually fall in love with someone else within these months then we kiss our relationship good-bye. He says this space will help him clear up his mind and fix things on his own. No but I don’t get it, I am not being demanding, I do all the house chores though he assists sometimes so I don’t know why he’ll even want a break for three months.

I don’t want this breakup, I honestly want this relationship to work as I love this man in question very much. I’m scared that he’ll lose love for me within these months. Please what should I do? Should I accept this and let nature do its job or I shouldn’t give in? And if I shouldn’t give in, then what can I do to spice up my relationship and make my man happy amidst his problems? I know there’s something I am not doing right but I can’t pinpoint it. Please help me out. How do I spice up my relationship or do you advice I give in to this three months break? Kindly alert me when you post. Thank.

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Written by Abena Magis

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