My Boyfriend Thinks I am Cheating on Him.


Good morning Aunty. Please help me out.
My boyfriend gets mad anytime I go to school for preps. I’m a student nurse…and as we all know Nursing requires a lot of studying. Even though I’m not well to do, I always try my best to learn with the little learning materials I have.

I went to preps yesterday as usual. I have a study group actually, so we meet and discuss everything we are being taught. We are about six in number and I’m not the only girl in the group though. This week we are writing Mid Sem so I’ve decided to stay extra hours to prepare for the exams.

Even though I’m not in the hostel. I walk from home to school every day and night.
He thinks I’m dating one of the guys from my class that’s why I always close late but that’s not the case. I also want to excel in my academics so as not to be dependent on any guy but he is thinking different.
Please help me what should I do?

He has refused to pick my calls or reply my texts because I went home late from preps. I’ll be reading comments.
Please I’m also looking for someone who does wholesale of thrift wears. I’m doing an online business to help myself with my needs but it’s not moving forward. I need someone to support me please. Or maybe a counselor that can guide me. Thank you.

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Written by Esther

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