My Boyfriend Wants Casual Sex


Thank you for the massive work you are doing. God bless you abundantly. I’m a silent reader here and I want to your noble fans to help me out. To my story, I am a nurse who completed last year.

My uncle abroad wants me to further my education outside so he requested for my results, a pic of my passport data page and other stuff for me to gain admission.

I told my boyfriend about it and he was happy but later on he said he is gonna get someone he can hook up with anytime he feels for sex (we have never had sex before). I love him too but he doesn’t want to have sex with me too I don’t know why. Rather he wants to have someone for casual sex after I travel. Any advice please?

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Yoi de3, go and have sex and get pregnant, ur traveling wont come on, masa focus on your education, what advise do u need again

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