My Brother Wants to Marry Another Woman


Hello Aunt Abena, please I would like your your fans to help my brother on this issue. His marriage is broken so much that he wants to marry another woman.

Some years ago, he completed tertiary but wasnt getting any meaningful job. He went to help our other brother do a little business. He saw a lady around, told a colleague about how he felt about her. He even asked this colleague to help him woo the lady. The lady in question stated that, there’s nothing she’s ever going to do with a Baker. She didn’t know he was a graduate.

This got to my brother soo much that he decided to do everything possible to get her which became possible. They had sex and he made sure she took pills and that was it until they went out another time and he got drunk. The lady brought him home, cleaned the mess and left the next day.

Now to the main story.

She came to him, after a month, that she’s pregnant which was a little weird to him. That was when she told him they had sex the day he was dead drunk. He told her to abort it since he wasn’t but she she wouldn’t. She went to inform her family who later met my family and forcefully married the lady for him without his pesewa involved.

Now according to my brother, there’s been no love in the marriage. Anytime he tells us about how he doesn’t want the marriage, our mom keeps telling him he should endure. Honestly he’s a very responsible man. The lady in question was an SHS graduate before meeting him. When he disclosed his disinterest in the marriage, she gave him a condition to help her further her education and also help her get a government placement which he did.

The issue is about the placement. He has been paying people quite huge amounts of money so that they get her a school to teach but he ends up being scammed. He’s talked to her about setting up a business for her but she says so. It’s been 9 years and she’s never worked. That’s not his problem.

Recently, he told me he had met someone who he thinks he’s in love with. His major problem is that our family won’t agree for him to divorce or even separate from his wife. They believe every marriage has issues, so he should manage her. How can resolve this?

Please he will be reading the comments

Written by Abena Magis


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