My Cousin is Obsessed with Me


Please I want you and fans to help me in this decision making. I happen to find myself in a situation where I think it’s gradually killing me. I have this female cousin that I really like a lot because we’ve been together since childhood.

When we were kids, we were so fond of each other to the extent that we shared the same bedroom, bathed together and even sat together in class because we happened to find ourselves in the same school. As we got to adolescent ages she started behaving so weird.

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Whenever we had a discussion about sex or any romantic stuff, her countenance changed where she’ll start flirting with me. This went on for some time. Whenever she saw me with a girl, she became so annoyed and even went to the extent of attacking some of them. I thought it was normal. Maybe she was tryna protect her brother or something but not knowing I was wrong.

She confessed her love to me when we had a very heated argument sometime back about her attitude. Like I was shocked. And this my cousin is very attractive and pretty that I don’t think a guy in his right senses could resist her charms. That very day we kissed and it was like I was hypnotized. This went on until we eventually had sex and coincidentally she was a virgin. We did it several times after that which literally made it seem like we’re now officially lovers.

We’re now in the university and it’s not like she has the intentions of quitting anytime soon. I’ve being trying to talk her out of it but all to no avail. She’s so obsessed with me that she’s now talking of us getting married after school, even if we’ll have to elope from our parents since they won’t approve of it.

You know auntie Abena like I’m restless. I just don’t know what to do anymore because I really love my cousin a lot and I don’t want to distance myself from her. I just can’t. So please I want you and your followers to help me. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. It’s better you advise yourself because you have already indicated that you can’t distance yourself from her. We giving our suggestions or advises would be a waste to you in the end.

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