My Crush Knows I Have a Boyfriend


I have this boyfriend whom a female friend introduced to me. When we started, dating he told me it was only me he was with and that he was serious about me. However, I wanted to back out when I got to know he was into the media. (Such guys really have girls all over them) and I didn’t want any drama.

The first issue is that my friend used to get angry anytime my boyfriend wanted to surprise me and asked for her on what to get for me. She would ask me not to fall in love with him because according to her she only wanted me to take his money and give her her cut.

At first, I felt it was the usual “girl jealousy thing” until I noticed she likes him too. She one day asked me if I love him and when I said yes, she became angry for no reason and started insulting me. Surprised at get behavior, I asked my boyfriend why she was behaving like that and he said he first proposed to her but after a month, found out she already had a guy.

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That’s before she gave my number to him like a replacement or something. I thought my friend was the only obstacle but no, there are several others. There are times that I’ll call and he’ll make me talk to other girls as if I am his sister. This keeps happening and he seems not to change even after saying “sorry.”

The second issue Auntie Abena is that I already had a crush before meeting my boyfriend. This crush of mine has finally proposed love to me after a long time of crushing on him. Honestly if this my crush had proposed to me, I would not have accepted to be with my boyfriend. My crush knows I have a boyfriend but wants to wait for me.

I have tried to link him up with another girl but I just can’t get why he doesn’t want her or doesn’t want to find a girlfriend for himself. He clearly wants me but can I trust him or should I be with my boyfriend in hopes that he will change?

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Written by Abena Magis

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