My Dad Inlaw Slept with My Wife

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I need to talk to a psychologist or a counselor or both because I’m too shocked. I can’t cope with a truth shared with me by my wife’s father.

We’ve been married for 8 years and auntie Abena, my wife and her family are a God sent in my life. We dated for 2 years so we’ve been together for 10 years. Her father paid for my fees in level 300 and 400. He told me to immediately work on my Master’s and paid for that too.

He’s given a house to my parents to live in for life and helped the twins after me (we’re 3 boys) to get a scholarship to study abroad. He’s doing everything for them and for my wife and I. Everything I own is because of him yet my wife is so respectful to me and does everything to show she loves me.

She has a 16 year old boy. She had him when she was very young. The boy is too headstrong and so disrespectful that the grandfather (my dad inlaw) sent him abroad to live with a relative. This boy is into drugs there. The mother is scared to have him visit and influence his half-siblings (our kids).

That’s where the issue is. My wife’s mother is late. There are rumours that the woman gave birth to yam (the baby didn’t look like a human so it was thrown away) and later died from excessive bleeding. It’s during that time of grieving that my wife started having sex and got pregnant later on.

My father inlaw is my buddy buddy. I call him dad inlaw or daddy because we relate more than he even relates with his daughter. He suffered a heart attack recently which got us all scared because we all thought he couldn’t make it.

He made it and decided to confess his secret to me. That he was part of an occult and used his wife for the rituals. Also he was directed to have an affair with his daughter but he always put something in her drink every night he touched her. She doesn’t know he ever touched her. He knows why their son is behaving that way which is why he had him sent away.

That happened years ago and he said he’s changed from his ways though he’s still feeling the effects and attacks. He’s not sure he’ll survive the next heart attack. He’s begging me never to tell his daughter but how do I touch her knowing her own father has slept with her before?

I never said or assumed anything whenever she went to visit but nowadays anytime she tells me she’s going to his end, I stop her. What if he decides to sleep with her again? What if he did after we got married? Are any of my 3 boys his? My wife has never cheated on me before. If I conduct a secret DNA and find out he’s their father, how do I tell her?

Even if he’s not, how do I tell my wife that her father used to sleep with her? It’ll break her. How do I keep quiet too? My boys want to visit him on Friday and come back on Sunday. They’ve been doing this ever since the lockdown unless their grandfather is out of town. How do I stop them from going? What if he’s asked to spill their blood? Am I being paranoid? I’m just so scared.

Why did he have to tell me all these? Now I can’t sleep.

He’s been referred to a psychologist

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Written by Abena Magis


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