My Dad’s Side Chick Sacked Us


Something has happened, it actually happened some weeks ago that has made my family shock at how people can be wicked especially those you call your parents.

My parents celebrated their 21 years of marriage anniversary last week but it wasn’t a joyous occasion. This is due to so many revelations that has caused a rupture in our happiness.

Dad wasn’t feeling well and we were all worried it was COVID-19 but a check revealed he wasn’t suffering from it. He went for checkup and was only told maybe it’s due to stress. He decided to rest for some days at home. Lights went off so he gave his iphone to me to charge with my power bank.

I was in the kitchen when his phone started ringing. The caller ID was “Mid-week Lotto.” I picked and said in Twi “Lotto wura (boss), please my dad is asleep.” Then a lady asked, “what did you call me?” I was shocked and mentioned it again. She said, “hmmm,” and asked me if my dad was ok. I said yes and asked if she had a message. She was very much interested in who I was but I felt uncomfortable so ended the call. She called again which I didn’t pick.

Later in the evening, my dad came to the room angry and shouting at me for picking his call. My mother came in to ask why he was shouting and he stopped, saying he was teasing me about something. Mum asked me later what it was about but I didn’t know because I was shocked about what dad did. I didn’t tell her about the call.

Far forward 2 days later, dad told us the landlady was selling the house so we have to leave. Mum was shocked and asked why. Dad didn’t give a reason. When she told him per law we have to be given 3 months to look for another place, dad said the landlady gave us a week which was impossible.

2 weeks later, mum made us move to our grandparents. Dad said he’ll use 2 days to supervise painting and some repairs. Mum went unannounced the following day to meet the so called landlady which turned into a fight. Dad introduced mum without calling her his wife and the landlady wanted to know if she’s the ex dad told her.

Unknown to us, that was dad’s side chick. She was his ex who came back into his life. He’d lied to her that mum was his baby mama staying with him because of his kids until he looks for a place for us. That’s why he made us leave. What made the woman so angry was that he told her that after I picked her call. He’d previously told her he had one child who is 13. That’s our last born.

This woman was outside the country and had come down to marry him this year. Mum begged dad to tell her the truth but he refused to say anything. It was only his side chick talking. Mum told her she and dad are legally married but the side chick told her dad said they only cohabited for some years and broke up. Mum came home crying and confused about the different things she was told. My grandparents called dad to meet them and still he hasn’t come.

One of our neighbors called that dad is now living in the house with the woman. He’s refusing to pick mum’s calls or even chat with me. We don’t know if the side chick wants to still marry him. Mum has been crying every day. All efforts to see him in the house isn’t working since he refuses to open the gate no matter how hard we knock. Any advice? We’re 3 kids living with mum and our grandparents now.

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Written by Abena Magis


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