My Ex Asked Me for GHS1000


Something is bothering me and I want you and you cherished fans to help me out. My boyfriend (now ex) broke up with me just a few days to his marriage to another lady he cheated on me with. We had dated for 8 years and I didn’t know that’s what he was doing.

This guy blocked me everywhere prior to the wedding. I finally got to know two weeks after he got married. This is a guy I had suffered with for 8 terrible years and he did this wicked thing to me. I almost went mad but by the help of God and some few people around me I survived and moved on.

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It’s been barely 4 months after getting married and my ex sent me a message this afternoon asking for GHS1000 to solve an issue he has. Bare in mind he never said sorry for what he did to me. I can help him paa but I told him I can’t.

Even though I have forgiven I can’t bring myself to help and I feel bad about it. Please is this normal as in me refusing to help him and feeling bad for doing so?

Worried Lady.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Search person who don’t have shame after what he made you go through and couldn’t even apologize to you don’t deserve your help … The guy is pure evil and stay away from him and let karma pay him back … the moment you inferred in his punishment he will hurt you again and this time it will hard

  2. Don’t feel bad for not helping him.
    You did the right thing.

    You shouldn’t have anything to do with him.
    Not only because he betrayed you, but also because he is a married man.

    You don’t want his wife and others calling you a home breaker.

    Stay away from him. He is bad news. Don’t have anything to do with him.
    The way emotions play is such that if you allow him close, you will be sleeping with him in no time inspite of what he did.

    STAY AWAY FROM HIM, please 🙏

  3. Don’t mind him, and don’t entertain him, his evil , heartless and wicked, he doesn’t value , and he doesn’t have shame, concentrate on your life and things will fall in place

  4. Naaaa! Some girl bi do me yawa so. She insulted me because we was dating, called me trash and broke. Later, she came asking for my help. I just told her to keep the same energy she had when she was trashing me.
    You din’t do anything wrong! People like that are unrepentant and can mostly use God as a tag. You did well! Bravo!

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