My Ex Dey Want Come Back [pidjin]


Good day. Thank you den manofans for your good work. I want to share my story den seek for advise. Auntie, I met this beautiful shoddy who was an old school mate on Facebook. Yeah, when we were in school, she wasn’t a friend though but she knew me because I was a prefect.

We vibe for fb that was somewhere 2015 and this girl flow me sey she get boy after I told her I dey feel am. Ano bore sekof (I wasn’t bothered because) if somebro get boy aa, you for not worry am, that be my philosophy. In 2018, wey na adey final year for uni wey she too dey final year for College of Education. I sanso crush am for fb, as we dey chat I see sey ein eye get bi then things. Charley, me sef my eye get sekof this be my time lol.

I talk am sey, “apart from you I never follow any chick for 2 years, ebi you pɛ.” I biz am for ein contact, wey she take two different numbers gimme. Charlie, my eye get. Adey dance then things sekof na adey feel this shoddy waa, she fine oo (she’s very pretty).

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The next day, I bell am dey talk old school matter, wey I flow am sey make she shun those histories she dey share. Guys, I proposed give am wey e succ (I succeeded). There norr, I start dey bell am dey check on am every morning den evening. Sometimes we fit vibe till 2am. I kai sey wanna SRC carry Sarkodie come campus, sekof this girl I no rep (Odo nti- because of love). She talk sey she dey want vibe plus me and that I shouldn’t choose Sarkodie over her (a whole Obidi oo).

More times adey send am money then gifts (na adey sell shaddas for campus) so na money dey kakra. Charley, I take all my heart give this girl, she too she take all. Fast forward, one sunny Sunday morning adey, wey some number bi bell me (sekof my business bunch mennez always dey call) as I see I figa ebi one of my customers. I weigh the phone and a guy with a very deep voice asked me, “stay away from my woman.”

I was like, “masa what you dey talk no, a girl I’ve dated for 6months you dey tell me make I shun dey see am.” As I dey talk, tears dey roll down my eyes sekof I had never even touched this girl. So I hanged up then called this girl and narrated everything give am. All she could say was that, yes what the guy talk be true.

He is the one sponsoring her education (even though she claimed she no dey love am) and that after school she go lef am then come dey plus me sekof ebi me she dey love. I shun dey talk plus am.

Guys just last month, she called me to tell me sey she’s done with the guy and that she wants us to reconcile sekof she still dey love me. I still dey feel am too. Weg oo, what if the man curse am or take some STI do am, sekof the man diet am. Guys what I for do?

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Written by Abena Magis


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