My Ex-Husband is Accusing Me of Sneaking into His Room


Please post this for me. If your fans will remember, I sometime back shared my story about my ex-husband leaving me for another girl after I lost my son two weeks after birth. He went in for another lady and said he didn’t love me again. This is the same ex of mine who later had an accident and lost his tooth.

After the divorce, I promised myself never to be a friend to my ex-husband based on the pain he put me through. I changed my numbers and kept my distance as much as I could. Fast forward, I’ve gotten someone deserving and we’re currently planning marriage. We are both happy together and there is no problem whatsoever.

Just this morning, my ex husband sent the above message to my younger brother that I went to his room during the night. This is a person who got himself a transfer and flew from town as soon as the divorce was over. I haven’t heard from him again since then and don’t even dream of that. Now I don’t know if am a witch to enter someone’s room in the night when I don’t have his keys. We are not even in the same town.

My problem is my fiance has seen this and is angry as to why I entered my ex-husband’s room during the night. Something I am innocent of. I had to explain very hard before he understood and accepted my innocence.

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I am sharing to let my ex-husband read this.

“Jerry, please I am happy and I don’t even wish to be a part of your life in my current life or the next life. Please I am begging you with God’s name. Stop disgracing me because I am not that type of girl who will sneak to sleep with my ex-husband after we’ve divorced. I won’t trade my respect so cheaply. You said I am an extrovert and not good for you. That you found someone better so you had to leave. You didn’t leave any space in my heart because I agreed we should divorce. In the name of God, if my happiness hurts you soo much, then die but don’t drag my respect.”

Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis


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