My Ex’s Twin Wants Me


Some years ago, I dated a lady who is a twin. It’s been so long that she’s even married with a kid now. Her twin sister and I started chatting recently and she was like I should come and marry her.

Initially, I thought it was a joke but she kept calling me. We’ve sexted and she’s even sent me her pics and asked me to visit her so that we can go out. She doesn’t know I’ve dated the twin sister so I quickly called my ex and told her everything about her twin sis and I.

Surprisingly, she said there’s no problem and that I can go out with the sister. She was like, “what is wrong with me having had sex before with you and my sister wanting you to date her? I don’t have a problem with it.” She said she moved on long ago and married now but I shouldn’t disappoint her sister too.

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I know such a thing is not good for a man to sleep with sisters, not just sisters but twins ooooo. She’s telling me there’s no problem with it and the other one too is disturbing me. She is telling me to either visit her or she would come to me. She’s even planning for us to and travel and have a good time together somewhere.

Where it’s getting to now, I’ve even started giving her attitude. I don’t answer her calls nor respond to her chat so I’ve heard that she’s stopped going to work and can’t even concentrate on anything. I’m tempted to tell her the truth about her sister but worried about her state of mind if it won’t affect her. What do your fans advice I do?

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Written by Abena Magis

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