My Family is Against Me Because He’s a Divorcee


Good afternoon. I’m a lady of 25 and he’s 31 years. I met him through a friend after I completed SHS. He proposed and I accepted but we weren’t really clicking because I was then living with my granny so I didn’t really get time to be seeing him.

On December 2017, my granny died so I moved to rent an apartment on my own while schooling. That’s when we started seeing each other. Seriously I fell in love with him and told him everything about myself. He loved me as well but not knowing he was a married with two kids. Immediately I found out, I confronted him and he told me he was forced to marry the lady and all that. Because I was young at that time, I didn’t really get bothered about it until the lady found out he was seeing another woman, wasn’t getting time for her and wasn’t sleeping at home.

He was really taking good care of me so whatever he told me I believed it. He later divorced his wife, not because I was in the scene. He said that was what he wanted because the wife was spiritually spoiling his good things (like yɛ yi nu ma nu sɛ obɛsɛe ne niyoma pa)…so my rent was due and instead of he paying he convinced me to come and stay at his end so he doesn’t spend much cash on his rent and mine.

I agreed though I felt this wasn’t the best decision but I didn’t have any choice at the moment. I kept this from my family and we lived like man and wife. Though we’re working and have so many plans, this man isn’t making things easy because of his insecurity. He has a problem when I go out for a wedding or with friends, we fight over it each time.

Auntie Abena this guy doesn’t give me space kraaa ooo so I decided to tell my sis about him and up till now all my family members are against me being with a man with two kids and a divorcee. Auntie Abena is it a sin to marry such a person? I don’t want to disappoint him because he’s been like a heaven sent since day 1 to me. Please advice me on what to do. I don’t want my family to turn their back on me. Please help me.

Written by Abena Magis

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