My Father is His Twin


I recently chanced on some old letters between my mum and my dad’s twin brother. The two of them had a secret affair and I was their product.

Mom died 6 years ago and dad’s twin brother stepped in because he’s more liquid. He’s the one paying for my fees and that of my two siblings and also rented a small place for me. Dad is a taxi driver and sales have been low but he mostly drinks instead of using the money on us so uncle has been our backbone.

We packed all of mum’s things into boxes after she died so it’s just recently I decided to go through her things to find my old birth cert. I found it among some other papers including old letters between her and my uncle.

One letter said she suspected I was his but she couldn’t betray dad by telling him I wasn’t. Another letter told him to forget about her and marry his fiancee because they can’t be together. Uncle is married with kids I’m older than.

My problem is dad started drinking after mum died but I don’t know if it’s because her death or he found the letters and read them. I want to confront my uncle but worried it might escalate into a difficult thing. Will his wife understand he cheated on her with his brother’s wife?

I have so many questions to ask my real father but how can I keep quiet just to keep his secret? Anyone been in my shoes before to advice me on what to do? Thanks Auntie.

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Written by Abena Magis


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