My Fiance Doesn’t Want to Call My Dad and Apologize


Good evening. I need the house’s opinion on this please. Maybe I might be wrong.

My boyfriend came with his family to perform the Knocking rites. The items for the Knocking was only cash and wine, but he decided to add a crate of soft drinks. Days after the Knocking we realized the crate of drinks he and his family brought had expired two weeks ago. I saw this to be a disgrace and so did my family but we knew definitely it wasn’t deliberate so I informed him.

He didn’t see anything wrong with what had happened. He just asked me to tell my parents that he will replace it with a new one. I told him to at least he call my dad and inform him that he’ll replace it and that he’s sorry. Am I wrong to ask him to at least call my dad please? His mum doesn’t see the need for him to call my dad as well.

I know it wasn’t deliberate for them to bring expired drinks but calling my dad himself would be appropriate I think. I need your opinion on this please. Thank you

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Written by Abena Magis

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