My Fiance Insulted Me During a Secret Conference Call


Good afternoon. Please there is something I want your Mano fans to help me with.

I’ve been with this man of God for almost 5 years now. We are not married yet but he has done the family introduction and just Knocking so both families know we are dating. Auntie, this guy always cheats on me with other women. I will catch him, he feel remorseful and apologize. The next day I will still catch him and he will still apologize. This thing has happened several times and I still forgive him because I don’t want to go back and start afresh again.

Just this weekend, I went to his place to clean and noticed something so I picked his phone and saw he had changed his password. I then remembered that I know his Facebook account and password because I helped him create it some years back. I logged in and saw a lot of chats with some ladies. Some had accepted and given out their number to him to continue the chat on WhatsApp.

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I called one of them to speak to her woman to woman and she was very open and truthful to me. According to her, my fiance told her he’s single, that’s why she also accepted him because she is a single parent with 3 children. She wants a man to take care of her and her 3 children which my fiance agreed. We talked like normal and she apologized and we hung up.

My fiance later came and denied knowing her when I asked him about it. He then picked his keys and drove out, saying that he wanted to get something outside and come. Within some minutes, I saw the lady calling me so I picked up. She asked me to keep quiet for it’s a conference call so I decided to record and you won’t believe your ears ????????.

My fiance was insulting me, apologizing and saying all sorts of sweet words to the lady. I felt like I’m sinking into a river. As he finished talking, the lady then said, “your wife is on the line,” and he quickly ended up the call.

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He started calling my line and drove back but I had already left to my house. He is still at my door step crying and apologizing for forgiveness but I just can’t forgive him. His “sorry” keeps repeating itself but I don’t feel anything towards it. His mum and elder brother have been calling to apologise on his behalf but I can’t stand to forgive him. I feel my world is coming to an end. I just can’t think straight about starting all over with another man after 5 years. Ahrrr ????????????

We were planning to get married last year but because of the Corona, it has been postponed to September this year. I don’t know what to even do because I can’t think straight auntie Abena.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. My dear , I will advise your to move on and heal yourself before going into any relationship for now.. your man isn’t worth that cry .. his attitude won’t change even if u marry him.

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