My Fiancee is Leaving Me because of My Friends


God bless you for the wonderful work you’ve been doing I’m so glad with the way your fans handle situations on your page.
I have an issue.

I attended a wedding ceremony together with my fiancee and people were smoking freely at the reception ground. Though I’m someone that doesn’t drink nor smoke, I have a lot of friends who do anytime we are together. They respect my decision not to smoke.

When we got home after the reception, my fiancee told me that as our wedding, I have to tell my friends that they shouldn’t smoke. I told her the only way you can stop a smoker from smoking is to rent an enclosed reception hall and not an open field. How do I tell them not to smoke? That’s like infringing on their rights and happiness.

She said if they will smoke then they shouldn’t come at all but I told her that if she cannot tolerate my friends smoking on that day then it’s better we don’t get married. Because it’s not like they are coming to smoke in her house. She said I’m choosing my friends over her and she’s threatening to quit. Pls auntie Abena, I need your fans to let me know how I went wrong.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Pls can’t your friends stay a day without smoking,your is not even 24 hours so you can plead with them not to smoke during your wedding

  2. Your lady is right. You are choosing your friends over her. My brother when it comes to love affairs don’t let anything come between the both of you.
    If she request sometimes we sacrifice some of our friends for our loved ones.
    Her decision is simply and you can abide by it.
    Less than 24 hours is no big deal.

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