My Former Student Wants to Marry Me [+ screenshots]


Mekyea wo wai (I greet you). Anopa yi deɛ meba wonasi a ɛnyɛ bɔne. Ɛy3ɛ bɔne koraa a me kuram. (It’s about an issue I need your help with)

Ɛne sɛ (it’s like this), there was this guy I taught in JHS. He was my student so obviously I was his teacher. He wasn’t very fortunate in terms of finances so I helped any little way I could. He bears my ex’s name (then he wasn’t an ex) so this guy could worry me paaa. Well, I never told him that. Aside that his worry, he was a likeable person.

Fast forward, he completed SHS two years ago. I’ve also moved from the school I used to teach. Most of my pupils knew my house because it was closer to the school I taught in.

Auntie Abena, the long and short of it all is that he hit me up after some years. At first it was a normal chat between a former student and his teacher. He told me about his life after school and all that. But all of a sudden this guy started making love advances at me whenever we chat.

I felt he was joking because he can fool paa ????????. He’s someone I know to crack jokes so I didn’t take him seriously.

But daabi o (no), he can pass by my house when he’s around the hood and the things this guy will be saying eeh, eeeeiiiii like is he serious? He didn’t care if people were around or not and will just say them. It was kind of “embarrassing”( for lack of a better word) because it was as if he was showing interest while I was giving him a tough time.

For a while I ignored his messages and chats.

Note: I still thought the guy was just joking because I even spoke to some of his colleagues i.e my former students about the way he relates to me and we all laughed it off because they were all like that’s how he is????.


He was accusing me of ignoring him so I told him till he behaves, I will continue leaving him on blue ticks and disregard his messages.

This guy valiantly told me that he can’t behave as a gentleman around someone he loves and that I should mark it, he’ll marry me (he has said this before).

I should be 6 or 7years older than him o.
The thing dey funny me yet it sounds as if this guy is serious. I’m thinking of blocking him.

Manofans please help me wai. Even if he’s joking I have to act maturely and tactfully to get him to stop that. I need your wisdom please

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Madam just give him the chance to love you. May be all you know he is the right person for you to get marry to.
    Moreover, don’t block him have time with him and know his goals and also why he want you.

  2. Wow, I also encountered same o. I was teaching after SSS in 2007.i was only 18 by then. My pupils were much older than me. It was a zongo community so the boys are grown. Some 20, 21,25. A d this children did a bet to see who will get me. Till today if some of them see me they still make advances towards me. It is not healthy at all. I think your comments will help me too.

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