My Friend is a Lesbian


Good morning to you and your noble fans. God richly bless you for your good works Auntie Abena. Please I need an advice because I’m confused. I accepted a lady’s friend request recently, she sent me a dm first, we were having a nice chat “about knowing each other” when she told me she is a lesbian. She’s a Ghanaian but lives outside the country and will be coming to Ghana next month.

She promised to send me about GH¢3000 at the end of this month to rent an apartment for myself since I was living in a hostel room with friends. I’ve never met her in person before, neither has she seen me too. I don’t want to defraud her but I’m seriously in need of money to start a business soon. Please what should I do because I am so confused.

Please note, I’m not a lesbian, and never will I do that. The last time I even had sex with a male was at the age of 16, I am now 24 years.

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Written by Abena Magis


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