My Friend Lied About Being a Lesbian and She’s Now in Trouble


Good afternoon please. Please my friend is feeling shy about sending her story to you but it’s too big for me. I need to hear the thoughts of Manofans on this case.

“I’m in trouble that if my poor mother hears of this I’m dead. Everywhere I turn to is closed in my face. You know life hasn’t been easy with me. I’m not an orphan but I’m more than one because my mother struggles to even put food on the table. Ever since my big brother died, she has been expecting me as the second born to help her take care of the younger 3.

This put pressure on me to drop out in form 3 but for God, I was able to complete. Some friends moved to Kumasi and I went to join them. We were 5 girls in one room, sometimes some will bring their friends and we can become like 6 or 8 lying on student mattresses. When they bring their boyfriends, it’s worse. You know some guys don’t care. They can eat you on top of borla just because of free pussy. Because i wasn’t working they put pressure on me because they were the ones feeding me and the insults alone was too much. Even water I had to beg to fetch some and bath because I couldn’t afford common 20 pesewas water.

So I heard that those who massage people really charge well. I got a boyfriend who asked me what I wanted to do and I told him. He took me to a Beauty school and paid everything for me. He rented a place for me but he was married which led to many issues. After the full training I got a job in some hotel where clients could ask for massage. I was told of this woman who is very difficult but if you massage her very well, she’ll pay you very well. She liked me the very first time we met and told me I have very soft hands which she liked.

Note before: she always asked for lesbians to massage her because she said they know how to massage better. I’m used to massaging my mother, a woman’s body is normal to me that I told her I’m a lesbian. Hmmm.

This woman rented a place for me that the place was for her sister and I was the only tenant. She was paying very well per session and even bought me a car in case she’s far and needs me. She started buying me clothes and perfumes. My first TV and microwave, this woman bought it. Hmm. She always hugged me and gave me pecks calling me her daughter. I always felt some way but she’s stayed abroad because her husband is based there and goes there every year, I thought it’s normal for her though it made me think she could be a lesbian but she never did anything to me.

Last week, she came over that she needed a full body massage (I usually massage her back). Then she turned and said I should massage her front. I looked at her face and said no. Ei. The way she was looking at me I knew she wanted to do something bad. I said no and this woman started begging me to massage her but I kept saying no. She did everything, even promised me another car, trips, money I still said no. Then she asked if I’m not a lesbian because she asked me once and I said yes so what’s the problem now. Me na makae (I was stuck).

Since then this woman has been angry at me that I should leave her house. The money I get from her is what I send home which she’s no more giving me. This place is actually for her and she’s staying here now, I have nowhere to go. I went to my friends and they told me to give in because if I think they’ll take me back then I should forget it. I’m thinking of taking this woman’s offer but want to know, will I ever be able to still like men? Also, her husband is a pastor does it mean the Bible accepts this? I want to understand this because I’m going mad.”

Auntie Abena please notify me after posting. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis

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