My Friend Prefers Anal


I read about the girl who was concerned about her boyfriend having anal sex with her and couldn’t help but remember a friend in the past. Mensu mano keka me enti mɛka (my mouth is itching me so I’ll talk).

I was in the same singing group with this friend of mine who is my pastor’s daughter. We were in our late teens by that time. I guess around 18 or 19 thereabouts. Our pastor was so strict that he took his daughters to the hospital for routine virginity tests because his first daughter got pregnant before marriage. He became very critical of his two daughters after that.

Long story short, I knew my friend had a boyfriend and was sexually active but I was surprised that she always came out as a virgin anytime they went for these checks.

So like I said, mano keka me nti (because my mouth was itching), I asked her what’s up and she confessed that instead of vaginal sex, she suggested to her boyfriend that they do anal and they had been doing it since.

Auntie Abena, my friend is a virgin medically but not really a virgin so I was really surprised how people commented as if this is a new concept because it’s not at all. Sometimes, these girls we call virgins are not, at least not really. Also anal sex is more prevalent than we think.

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Written by Abena Magis


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