My Friend Visited My Guy Without Telling Me


Please I need your help because I don’t know whom to talk to about this. My problem is my close friend came to visit my guy without my knowledge. This happened earlier this month when I left his place to my house.

There is this guy living in the same compound as my bf who usually comes to his place to spend the day and sometimes spend the night. I called this guy when I was at home to ask him how he was doing and if any girl had come to visit my guy since I left. He said no but that it was only my friend who came there around 10pm saying she was bored. She was in the room with them but he left to his end around 11pm to sleep.

At that moment, I felt hurt and angry but I just calmed myself down. I didn’t want to rush by asking him anything on phone till I saw him and asked him face to face.

When I got back, I asked him but initially he didn’t want to tell me anything. He was more interested in me telling him the person who told me before he would tell me why she came there.

Later, after some days, he told me he asked her to come over because when he was calling me I wasn’t picking (which was a lie.) The girl in question is someone whenever I have issues with my bf I go to to talk to her about it and she helps me resolve things with him.

She knows almost everything going on in my relationship but during the times I was home we were not having any problems.
What I don’t understand is why would she visit my bf without any of them telling me and even the particular time she came too, I don’t understand. She also has about 2 bfs so how can she claim she’s bored?

This is the second time she’s doing this to my knowledge and last year I caught them gossiping about me on WhatsApp. Also my bf used to jokingly ask me would I believe it if he’s slept with her before.

NOTE: we were in the same room for two years and I’ve been dating my guy for almost two and a half years. I haven’t asked the girl anything about it. Thank you.

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Ɛɛbobɔ ba😂😂… Ama Serwaa, to me is ok to share to a friend especially the one you trust. But madam anonymous, a friend who has two guys deɛ how should you trust her with ur relationship issues, shɛbe u are exposing the weakness of ur relationship to her. Guys are vulnerable and very comfortable around their girlfriend’s besties/trusted friends and mostly fall victims of unforeseen seductions ahead. Be ware

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