My Friend’s Wife is F*cking His Sister


Good day. Please err what advice will you give to a friend who just found out yesternight that his wife is f*cking his sister oh. Yes sister (lesbian).

The gist is my friend’s sister came to stay with him and his newly wedded wife (they wedded 2 weeks ago). He actually met his wifey through his sister, without him knowing they were lesbian partners.

So last night, he went home unannounced after watching the Tottenham and Chelsea game at my end only to find his sister and the wife doing the do. He took a one minute video of both of them and wanted to make it go viral but I told him to relax. That after work today, we could meet and decide what to do with the video

Honestly I told him that to stop him from sending the video and to be honest I don’t have any advice for him. Please you guys should help me out.

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Written by Abena Magis


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