My FWB Doesn’t Want to Let Me Go


please help me. My boyfriend and I have dated for about 5 years and within that period, he got the chance to travel abroad. When he was about leaving, we promised ourselves never to break up.

2 and a half years later, I was seriously feeling for sex and finally accepted a guy who had been bothering me with relationship issue with the intention of having sex with him (friends with benefits) and leaving him when my guy is about coming.

But here is the case the second guy also loves me like crazy and Is not willing to let me go. Whenever I say it’s over, he will cry and nearly starve himself to death. It’s left with just a few months for my guy to come to Ghana with the intention of marrying me and I don’t know what to do.

Please Auntie Abena post it and let your fans help me with answers and also keep me anonymously. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. U are wicked girl because may when he was around he ask for sex but denied him now look at what u have done
    your consciouss will judge u guilty

  2. there is a saying that `you can not watch through a bottle with two eyes ´ my sister you said you promised each never to breakup ,my dear once you accepted the second guy in your life it means you have broken the promise to an extream you had sex with him,tell your borga i mean your guy who will be here in few month that you´ve broke the promise between you and him,tell him what happined and seek for his forgiveness .if he decides to forgive you and move on with you then ask the second guy to accompany you to some place[police station of course]log complain that he was once your guy and wants to stub himself to because you are living him the officers will know what to do,so that if he does that you will be free ok.that is my advice for now.

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