My Girlfriend Forgot to Tell Me [+ Screenshots]


You’ve done an amazing job so far with your fans.
I have a little help I’ll need them to help me wih.

I have a question. Maybe the ladies can help me find meaning to what my girlfriend to see if her reasons are valid or not.

My question is, how long should it take for you to tell your boyfriend where you were a day before?

Let me use this scenario:

Your girlfriend is sick. She claims she wasn’t feeling well all day so you also make sure you’re online all day with her because you don’t live together. She goes out in the night while you are still chatting with her and returns home late. She meets you online at dawn and still chats you like normal till she sleeps.

She wakes up and you’re still chatting like you do all day and it never crosses her mind to say anything about her whereabouts the previous night. You get the hunch and post something pertaining to loyalty or faithfulness at 6pm.

THEN she opens up to you about her whereabouts the previous night…eventhough you weren’t OFFLINE for a second that whole evening.

NB: when she was cheating on you, it was the same keeping up with appearances. So you couldn’t tell she was somewhere else cheating on you.

What should you do as her boyfriend or are you wrong for getting angry?

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Written by Abena Magis


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