My Girlfriend is Getting Married Today



Let me use this medium to join the lot of grateful souls who know the essence of your efforts to be the vessel to voice out our pain and hurt to the masses to atleast get some caution to ascertain our mindfulness. God bless you.

I have a lot of questions bothering my mind right now and though I am trying to be calm, my soul cries and feels uneasy! My world seems not to function anymore. My sun isn’t setting out and it makes me miserable with the next minute.

As I am writing to you with a broken heart and a depressed soul, my lady is getting married on this Saturday 19th December, 2020 and I am totally broken to the core that I feel cheated, betrayed, robbed of my soul,l I am hurting and nothing seems to make any sense any more. 🤦🏾‍♂️💔😭

I’m not a lucky guy. Relationships ain’t working for me. I have invested some much commitment, trust and an INTENTIONAL DECISION to continue staying faithful but in return for my good motives I always tend to get the otherwise.

I have been dating this lady for the past 2 years now and it has been both beautiful and bloody, always pain. The least thing and I’ll break down because though I am a guy, my emotions are so girlish that I can’t control them no more.

My woes started with her on the 13th August, 2020 when my lady passed the night with me. Though we were having some issues, eventually a call came through and the level of her rudeness towards him raised some suspicion because I never never knew her to be that type.

I inquired and lo and behold she told a lie that’s it was an uncle, the next minute it’s a guy who manages her side business for her blah blah. My intuition has never failed me but I wanted to know the truth, I had been too gentle with her from the onset till that day so for once, I decided to take her cell at least to make her call the caller to apologise because I strictly forbid such treatment she metered out to the guy.

That was when I connected the dot to find out that the caller was beyond the facade she presented. I boldy took the number and when I called…🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️💔💔💔 Not knowing my lady and the said guy had been in a relationship for approximately 6 years and are set to tie the knot today December, 19th 2020. Jesuuus Christ! How can she BETRAY ME LIKE THAT ?

Dear Lizzard (I fondly call her that) your Cat (the pet name she gave me) From the depths of my heart down to my very core being with a broken soul and heart, I wish you a blissful marriage. I have always wanted you to be the happiest and be the most beautiful being. It hurts you couldn’t be Jemimah’s mother (my unborn girl) but I pray God heals my broken.

I desire you’ll forever remain happy and stay true to your husband. Whenever you think about me! Always remember that I loved you your understanding. I will continue to love you from afar now!

Thank you for the lessons, thank you for crossing my path, thank you for adjusting my focus and thank you for understanding my mood swings that I know you’ll be the only person to handle that perfectly. And thank you for breaking an innocent soul whose only crime was to love you for just who you are despite all your flaws, but maybe God has a better plan for us all. Happy Marriage in advance dear.

Trust me I don’t hate her for
the trauma she had put me into but I will forever carry this pain till eternity cos what I felt for her was way beyond natural.

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Written by Abena Magis


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