My Girlfriend is Killing Me with Sex


Good morning. Hmmm it’s not easy at all.

I am a pastor and I have a lady whom I want to marry. As a matter of fact, I’ve gone to see her parents to formally introduce myself.

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Auntie Abena, I’m very worried now. My lady won’t make me rest without sex. She’s killing me with sex. She can go at least 4 rounds a day and anytime we meet, she never allows me to rest. Sometimes, she even gets me some drugs for sex anytime I say I don’t feel like having it. Even if I don’t feel well, she will say I should just lay down and she will do it by herself.

I don’t know whether I should continue with this or quit. I’ve been in this for more than a year now. She is a nice person though but she nearly killed me with sex when she visited me for just two weeks and some days. I am tired now and I desperately need some advice from you and your fans. I’ve noticed I am going down spirituality too. Please help me

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Dear Pastor, It’s not easy to tame such women, especially when a man’s sexual drive is below that of the woman.
    Talk to her about it, she should meet you half way by reducing the rounds and the times. This will be very hard even with strong love bonds.

    If you force her too, she might go for another man to satisfy that burning desire.

    Spiritually, you knew before it started that, these are the fire quenching acts, it doesn’t take a year to notice.

    ? How can you keep your head up, as a pastor when your woman is this blessed. Am sorry, I know how you can feel disappointed in your own self, sometimes. But you can overcome.
    Go back to the Bible, begin with the basics of a believer, it holds the key.

    If you can’t handle her in two weeks, why marry her. Years of what you have seen already.

  2. Mr pastor, you are sinning and instead of trying to repent from fornication and this shame, you have the impudence to write and expose yourself publicly right ? God have mercy on you

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