My Girlfriend Lied About Being Raped

I hope you are doing good. I really appreciate the work that you are doing. May God richly bless you.
I’m really depressed at the moment. When I started dating my girlfriend, we both agreed not to indulge in having an affair. Somewhere along the line, something happened which made me break her virginity. We were living very happily until I started seeing some changes in her.
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Sometimes without any provocation, she could text me not to call again and that she doesn’t love me anymore. When I ask her why, she wouldn’t give me any tangible reason.  The moment I agree with what she wants, she will cry and beg me not leave her because she can’t live without me. Because I don’t want to hurt her, I will always accept her back.
This how the depression started.
Auntie Abena, she called me last week and told me somebody wanted to blackmail her. A guy. I asked her to tell me anything that went between them. According to her, the boy, who is her friend paid her a visit. They chatted normally but she doesn’t know what really happened but she woke up after some time feeling very weak. The boy too wasn’t there.
A week later, he called and told her he raped her. That if she doesn’t do what he tells her to do he will tell everybody about it. Because she was afraid of what people will say, she agreed with him and they had sexted. After the talk, the boy told her he’d recorded an audio of everything they talked about. *Makoma kekame*.
I told her not to worry. If she thinks the boy drugged and had his way with her then I’ve forgiven her. I also promised her that if she gets me access to the boy’s phone, I will try my best and delete the recording from it.
God being soo good I got the boy’s phone and downloaded the recording before deleting it. Auntie Abena hmmm😭

😭😭😭 could you believe that, this girl I truly love, was cheating on me?

She and the boy are dating. He never raped her or used drugs to have an affair with her. They both talk about the night that they had. I confronted her on it and she really cried a lot which touched my heart.  She then told me she wants to go far away so no one will hear from her. That she really regrets cheating on me. Because I really love her I told her I’ve forgiven her. This was to also make sure she doesn’t hurt herself.
Just yesterday, Auntie Abena I called her and she was still crying. I decided to pay her a surprise visit. Thank God I went there. She was holding a knife and a poison trying to kill herself. Because I was going to work, I called one of her friends and gave her money to stay with her till her mom came back home. Auntie Abena, I’m really confused now.
A part of me is telling me to leave her and the other part is saying something else. Please I really need your advice  on what to do.

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Stay with her until she heals from her drama… But don’t forget to leave after her recovery. She’ll be emotionally blackmailing you in future if you decide to stay.

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