My Girlfriend Says I’m Ugly


My girlfriend says I’m ugly. She’s the first person to tell me this in my entire life. All my exes, friends of both gender, even those I’m not really friends with have told me at one time or the other that I’m a handsome and very nice looking guy.

We weren’t having an argument or anything when she called me that. We were watching a movie and she just said, “you are ugly” to me. It’s been 72 hours after she called me that and I am still thinking about it.

Just for the record, someone might say it’s because I don’t have money. Well, I’m not rich but I have my masters degree and own my business that has employ 4 persons. Should I leave my girlfriend?

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. She said to her u are ugly. That’s her. But a man is fearfully and wonderfully made . What do u need beauty for

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