My Girlfriend Tested Me


thanks for this opportunity to tell you about my test. So I met this student in October 2016 while in her school for teaching practice. She proposed and I accepted someway. Later, I had to leave for campus to finish my studies. I tried to get a good class and did everything possible on this earth to make it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t as I missed the last chance. (Difference between an A & B on UCC campus).

I was devastated so I tried to ignore people including this student girlfriend. I wanted to be alone to cry over my predicament. Fast forward we later met in Keta in December 2017 and I tried to make amends. We got back after I explained everything and apologized. She wasn’t really being stable about it: today, we are in then tomorrow it’s something different.

I have money so I supported her and tried to be everything I can be for her. Anytime I tried my best, it rather turned out worse. I had to fall on people to beg her for me, even people outside including my white friends across USA and China. She told me she couldn’t meet anybody to date.

Auntie Abena, things became cool between us, I would send money to her and other stuffs till one day, she invited me to her sister’s place (her sister had travelled to the husband’s place). This was 3 days after sending her money to start her own business in the wake of the covid-19 lockdown and closure of schools.

Auntie I went there in a good mood, thinking things are now back to normal but little did I know it was a test. I travelled to meet her on that faithful day of 2nd May, 2020. She welcomed me and we started chatting as boyfriend and girlfriend. She told me the reason why she hadn’t been “giving me face” was that, I’m a cool guy who doesn’t talk too much and a nice person but the problem was, she did abortion in the past before meeting me and doctor confirmed she won’t be able to give birth. That the abortion had affected her womb.

Auntie Abena, I was surprised and confused at the same time but I gathered myself and told her that, I still love her and her soul and that, it’s not always that people marry because of childbirth. We can still adopt if even if she can’t conceive.

She was surprised per my replies to her. She told me she doesn’t believe me so I should go back and think about it and call her. I replied there’s nothing to think about. We talked talked till I left. When I arrived, she called to check up on me and I still told her that I stand by my earlier stance that I’m still into her and will marry her.

Hmmm. 2 days later, she brought something which became a misunderstanding between us. At that point, she Whatsapped me in the evening and said, she indeed invited me for a test and that, there were two other guys asking for her hand in marriage. That though I’m her boyfriend, she was confused and had to confide in her osofo maame (female pastor). Who told her to invite all of us and say this to us to see our reactions for her to determine who among us three truly love her. That was what she the Osofo maame used to determine who loves her because men were all over her at her youthful time.

Accusing to the girl, I came in the second position. The first guy gave up and left on hearing about her inability to conceive. The other guy upon hearing her, grabbed her and prayed for her but for me, the last guy to come, I just said I still love her and I was somewhat shaky so I came second and the guy that held her and prayed for her won.

So we should remain just friends as she wants to move to the guy who won. Hmmm so this is how my girlfriend ended our relationship of almost 4 years.

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Hmmmm ladies, u can’t predict them ooo…so all these 4 yrs, she was also dating the other two guys! Ma guy, let her go, u will find someone better than her!

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