My Girlfriend Wants Us to Pause Our Relationship

I’m so disappointed and sad about something. Four months ago, I came to your Unsingle Me platform where I met this amazing lady. Our lovely relationship started so well and I made sure my girlfriend didn’t lack with regards to love, support and good sex because she could have three orgasms within 30 minutes of sex.

We clicked in everything that we’ve already started buying items for our planned wedding. In December, we planned a vacation together. Three days to the vacation date, she told me she was going to hang out with her female friends that night. Even though I wasn’t comfortable, I didn’t stop her.

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Through out the night, I called frequently to check if she’s fine. I was busy throughout December so we didn’t have sex. Fast forward, we went for the trip and returned the early January. Then on 11th January my life took a nose dive. l lost all three contacts 2 hours apart but I kept my hope alive.

Auntie Abena, my lady suddenly changed. We hardly chatted nor made calls. I asked severally what was wrong but she always said, “nothing.” Not knowing she’d been impregnated by a strange guy she slept with during her outing with her female friends.

She is now telling me to wait for her to put to bed so we can resume our lives. I have warned her against infidelity because of my royal line background. She has ruined my business and my life. How do I wait for her because she said if I leave her she will kill herself.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Ɔyale, you should have made an attempt to stop her. But she doing that at the end and trapping you with suicide is just bomboclat… Please you gotta let her go, don’t fall for her threats

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