My Girlfriend’s Parents are Forcing Me to Marry Her


Greetings to Manofans. My girlfriend can lie to the extent that when you catch her stealing meat from a pot, even whiles chewing it and you ask her what’s it that she’s chewing, she will tell you she’s chewing gum and she can swear on top of it. 

When we started our relationship, 98% of everything she told me about her was lies, she had a boyfriend but she told me she was single. Our relationship was 6 months old when I caught her cheating on me. My mistake was that I thought it was only one guy. I was astonished when I finally found the truth because I never knew I was dating a town helper who was dating 3 guys alongside me, she apologized and promised not to do that again.

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In fact, I was hurt and surprised she could do that to me because this girl has some innocent face eerh and the kind of messages she will send you every morning… she could me laugh the whole day, thinking that I’ve gotten an angel and because I loved her, I forgave her!! 

To cut a long story short, middle of last year, I caught her with my eyeballs licking a guy’s neck by the roadside. She’d told me earlier she’s going to a friend’s birthday party. I called her but this girl pretended as if it was her first time seeing me. I couldn’t harbour the pain so I left my car and picked uber to the house. I called her when I got home and it was the guy who picked up and told me that my girlfriend dey for his bed top so make I no disturb them.

That night, I jogged from Weija barrier to Kwashieman only to come back and meet her at my gate with her fairy tale stories that she was drunk.

A month later, she told me she’s pregnant and the truth is, we had sex a day before she went to sleep with the other guy and because I didn’t want her to abort an innocent child, I told her to keep it and I will take care of her.

But now, her parents don’t want to give me a break koraa saying I should come and do Knocking but the fact is, I don’t know whether the baby is mine or not. Secondly, I told her to keep the baby not because I love her but I don’t want her to kill an innocent baby because of our mistake.

When I caught her in that act of seeing her with another man, I told her parents about it so I don’t understand why they want me to come and do Knocking since their don’t really know who’s responsible for the pregnancy. 

So my question is, should I go and do the Knocking or I should just take care of her as I promised?

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Written by Abena Magis


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