My Guy’s Landlady behaves Strangely


Please I need to discuss this with you so you can share for me to gain advise from the public.

I’m a lady of 26 years of age and have been in a relationship for the past 1 year and some months now. I sometimes stay with my guy. My problem is my guy’s landlady has been acting strangely in a way which I don’t understand and has made me really confused.

This lady once cooked for him to eat when I wasn’t around. I became really mad at my guy because I left had left his place not long before that happened. He could have waited for me to return. He stopped collecting food from her after that. Another thing too is that, we both have this Tuo Zaafi vendor we buy from in my area. We like it so buy regularly but his landlady saw him buying some.

Some days later, my guy and I were returning home when she met us right in-front of the gate. She told my guy that she’d seen him buying that food but because it’s not nice, she wanted him to buy from where she buys. That one is more nicer. Right in front of me ooh. I did not talk nor mind both of them. When we got inside, I told him I didn’t like what his landlady did. He told me not to mind her because he didn’t even understand why she said that. We both forgot that issue.

Some weeks after that, around 10:30pm, his landlady came knocking on our window calling his name. He was fast asleep but I responded and asked who it was. She responded and said she was looking for my guy. I told her he was asleep. I was very angry😑 because i didn’t understand why she will come knock on the window at that time to look for him.

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The next day I told him about it. When he called to ask what she’d wanted could you believe she told him that she’d wanted him to remove the “LAST SEEN” feature from her WhatsApp for her. When I heard this, I became very angry. Why will she come and call my bf at that late night for this reason? I was really angry but when I tried expressing my views, he didn’t understand why i was bored

I told him this is how these older women who ain’t married act around men and even use charms on them. He got angry and said that such things don’t work on him. We really argued but I stopped because I saw no reason in arguing with him over that woman. Sometime ago, thieves broke into my guys car and stole items. Since then, we switch on the car alarm before going to bed.

Before that day, my landlady never asked us whether we’d activated the alarm or not. Since then, she calls my guy at night to ask if he’s switched the alarm or not. He always tells her that we have but she still keeps calling him every evening and I don’t understand.

I want to know if there is a cause for me to worry or I should just forget about it. What do you advise I do? Please help me out🙏🏼

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Please you are over reacting,and over protective, you are also intruding on his privacy trust is very important don’t lose it insecurities is another don’t feel insecure around him. If not you will be putting thoughts in his mind

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