My Husband Ate My Coworker

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I’m married with two kids. Last year, my husband cheated on me with my close friend and coworker.

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It all started when she told me that my husband was cheating on me and also planning to leave me. She warned me to leave him before he does but I told her I’ve not seen it. Also, he wasn’t showing any sign of divorcing me so I would do my own investigations first.

After sometime I realized my husband kept asking me about things I had discussed with her. Ahh. She told him that I was planning to leave him and I even have a boyfriend. I was shocked to hear that. We both reached a conclusion that she was only trying to cause a misunderstanding between us. We decided to be careful around her. I started withdrawing from her

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There was this day I was pushed to answer my husband’s call. I never touched his phone but something told me to. To my surprise, it was my friend talking so romantically on the phone so I told her that it’s me. She could not say anything so I sent a voice audio to her that I can see she is interested in my husband. I will advice she stops if not I will deal with her.

Days passed and I checked my husband’s phone only to see her messages asking him what he wants to eat. I confronted him and he said I should forget her not knowing they were chopping themselves.

There was this day my instincts pushed me to ask hubby what’s going on between them. To my surprise he confirmed that she called begging him to buy medicine for her that she is seriously sick. Upon reaching her place, he found her naked and she seduced him. He couldn’t resist her and that’s all he could remember, then they started dating.

Auntie Abena, I was really hurt because someone I call my friend shouldn’t do this to me. I ask my husband to find a place. He should not come home. He apologized and called his parents to talk to me forgive him. Let’s say I accepted him back but I can’t forget this incident that two people whom I trusted betrayed me this way

I still feel bitter in heart and can’t go on normally with huby again. Sometimes when having intimacy with him I will just imagine if he did the same to another lady and I’ll be pissed off. I seem not to forget and I am still deeply hurt. Please fans is there anyone who has gone through this and healed?

Am I over doing things or? Can the fans recommend any procedure for me to get this hurt and bitterness from my heart because my husband seems like a changed person now. I heard he and my coworker fought on some money issues. He is calm now. Though I can’t trust him 100% but he has changed for now. Please help me with some advice.

Written by Abena Magis


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