My Husband Gives me GHS7 for TNT


Good evening. God bless you for your good works.

We have been married for two years. My husband and I have been adding our monies together every month to support our mobile money business. We are both nurses. He keeps my ATM and withdraws my salary every month to add to his.

Auntie Abena, the issue is whenever I ask him for money he gets angry and talks plenty that I like spending unnecessarily. He gives me GHS7 whenever I am going to work. This GHS7 is for both my feeding and transportation. He doesn’t buy me credits so my phone is full of borrowed credit. Even if I ask for credits he will talk and complain.

Just last week, I told him I will need GHS17 to buy an umbrella for our 9 months baby. He told me he doesn’t buy unnecessary things. Just the next day he went to buy Energy Booster 50 cedis to drink.

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My uniform has faded out. I told him I needed money to buy a new uniform. I’ve been selling sobolo drink which I started with a capital of 100 cedis. He told me to use my sobolo money. Meanwhile the uniform and sewing money is even more than my capital.

When I ask for money it becomes a problem full of questions and insult. Our 9 months son wasn’t feeling well recently. We were giving him first aids at home for one week but still not seeing any changes so I decided to take him to the hospital.

My husband got angry that I’m just wasting money and gave us 10 cedis for transportation. When I got to the hospital and they asked that we do labs, I called to tell him but hmmmm he got angry. He said I should explain before he sends the money.

I’m working and receiving a good salary every month but I look tattered. My parents have been expecting some financial help since I got married but, I had to lie to them that I’ve done some investments so I’m broke.

As for my husband, he sends money to his family secretly. He doesn’t know I’m aware of the family calls he hides from me. He’s the one managing the one managing the mobile money so buys anything he likes.

Besides that he talks to me anyhow and shouts at me in public. My dear government worker’s here, please how do you manage your money as couples? Help a sister out. I sometimes feel like quiting.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. You are working and have your own money so explain to the house how stupid you could be by giving him your ATM and also to finally decide for your life……also explain to us if he was the one who sent you to school to be earning good money but just for him to fill take over after 2 years …….pls just use your mind ok and better still change your ATM pin or take it from him.
    You didn’t come to do joint business but marriage so if the business is not working just quit and that’s all

  2. My sister pls don’t kill urself, I hate nonsense so wat I will fisrt ask u to do is to take ur atm card and never give ur money to him again. Infact I can’t tell u all the things u should do on this platform. Nonsense. Am even sure u had a humble guy to marry but because he is not working u left him for this fool. Siasem

  3. Hmmmmm,my dear,I share your sentiments wai. Pls n pls use your brains…Take your Atm card from him n change your pin .wise up.

  4. My sister wat I cn say is dat take ur atm frm him and if he refuses just go to the bank and gt a new one report it’s stolen and change ur pin fr him nt to av access to it again fr ur baby’s sake wai

    • So what’s stopping you from blocking the card so u can take new card and chop your hard earned salary.. Where was he when you were schooling… Kwasia man….

  5. My dear this is just simple.
    Go to your bank and block ur ATM card, the one with ur husband) and request for a new one. Or better still register for the mobile and internet banking with ur bank n manage ur own funds at ur own comfort.

    If u r married, it doesn’t mean u should save togeda. It nice to save wit ur partnet but not a necessity.

  6. my dear man up go to the bank and ask the bank to terminate your ATM card and don’t tell him anything and keep quiet

  7. Hmmm its so sad to hear that you are working and you can’t spend your own money.My dear wisen up because this is really 100% nonesense.He doesn’t even give u money when u ask,madam tell him u want your atm card wai or u go to your bank and change the pin.It is not mandatory to save together.As for your husband,i leave him to God.

  8. I think that firstly you should put yourself together. You have unconsciously tolerated emotional and financial abuse. Forgive yourself. When you decide to be independent he’ll hit back hard and so you need to prepare yourself mentally. If you must seek help from a counselor do so.
    Secondly, go to the bank and close I repeat close the account and open another account with another bank or at the same bank. Then give a standing order to transfer the money from the old account to the new account once money hits the account.
    I don’t think you should get an atm card yet. Opt for the available mobile banking options. Ensure that you have total control of your money. The mobile money business you talked about,I doubt if you’ll get your money back. You’ll have to start all over again. You need to live with this man strategically.
    Marriage is not a business.
    May God grant you Grace. It is well

  9. You can also go to the bank and report of your missing ATM card and it willbe blocked. And make sure you don’t request for another card but rather request for a mobile money app and mind you app pin must not be you date of birth or any date he can think of..use numbers he has no idea and put a lock on your phone as well. You can contact me for more information.. stay safe

  10. Eeeiii r u psychologically stable,wer was hw wen ur parents schooled u,7gh to wrk.aaahh,im bored if I continue will just diss him.get ur sense bk n collect your ATM card,u work n he withdraws the money..WTF..

  11. Sweetheart are u serious.?? 7 what..?????
    I have read a number of stories here and I have never commented on any but this one deiir I go talk something.. Sister go back to the drawing board!

  12. Like how.??? I can’t think straight….I don’t blame her.. some of our parents are not helping at all when it comes to advising their daughters about marriages, they are always like “go and be respectful and serve him well, and he is always the man in the house….. etc” She is a clear victim of such advices. As I said go back to the drawing board.

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