My Husband is a Virtual Flirt


Good afternoon and another afternoon to Mano fans. Hope we are all keeping ourselves safe? God see us through. Amen. Now to my problems and I want solutions. Thank you.

I am married but my husband is a virtual flirt, he can flirt with 4 or 5 women at the same time on his phone. I have sat him down, talked to him and all he will say is “sorry babe, I do it for fun but I won’t do it again.” ☺️

OMG I usually find love messages with love emojis on his phone. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. We do everything together, bath together, eat together I mean everything. We even have a joint account so I don’t need anything because he makes sure I am comfortable and ok in my daily life.

He is reserved, doesn’t have friends, doesn’t go out often times because his work is IT inclined so it’s not everyday he goes out. If I’m not at work, I’ll be with him but he can flirt with a woman for over a year and quit without meeting the person 🤔

I have read several messages on his phone where the ladies will go like “can’t wait to meet you” or “can’t wait to see you” till she quits. So farI haven’t a single message which gives me clue of him sleeping with her. I used my new number to chat him with a friend’s pics as my dps. We chatted for about 6 months and I did everything to get my husband to meet me but he refused to see me till I decided to ignore.

I gave his number to my cousin abroad to also flirt with him. She came to spend over 2 months in Ghana worrying him to meet her but my husband refused to meet her till she finally went back. So my question is if it is not for sex then why is he doing that? I’ve caught and confronted him over this, he will always apologize and swear heaven and earth that he hasn’t slept with anyone since we got married. And that he is only doing it for fun.

He will stop but in less than a month, I’ll find him flirting with another girl. I work as a sales rep of 1 of the companies in Ghana and I sometimes invite him to my workplace when he is free so I can distract him.

We will be busy all day but he will still find time to flirt. ☺️I don’t don’t know what to do again because I am tired. It hurts cause I see what he’s doing as cheating. What if any of those ladies decide to hurt him for wasting her time?

I am scared. Please help me. Aside from this, we don’t have any problem at home and we are even expecting our first baby. Hhummm I need help gidigidi ☺️

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Written by Abena Magis


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