My Husband is Sleeping With His Sister


My husband and I are living together with our two kids and his younger sister who is 22 years old. They are blood related, as in his immediate younger sister, they lost their parents when they were much younger so it’s just the two of them. Mummy, my husband is sleeping with his younger sister.

During the time we were dating, I noticed the closeness between them but I thought it’s a siblings thing. He takes her words over mine. It’s what she says we should cook that we will eat. After marriage, and our new baby I always left them in the sitting room to go and sleep. After watching a movie, hubby will join me in the room. At times my sister inlaw will excuse me in the room that she wants to talk to her brother. This thing has caused a lot of issues but my husband says I can’t separate him from his only sister.

Something happened last month. I left them in the sitting room to go and sleep, and aound 12am I couldn’t find my husband on the bed. I walked to the sitting room to go check what he was still doing, I am a deep sleeper so he must have thought I had slept deeply. When I opened the curtain I saw my husband fucking his own younger sister, and she was screaming calling his name to fuck her harder. That he’s the only one that will ever fuck her. Auntie I almost fainted but they didn’t see me.

I haven’t seen something like this before in my life so since then I have been moody. I don’t talk to her anymore. She cooks her own food as usual. My husband kept asking me what is happening but I told him I’m fine. They both still go out together and sometimes come back around midnight. People admire my husband for the way he cares for his sister.

He is 37 years old and I’m 30 years old. Manofans should I just pack my bags and leave? I don’t know what to do, this thing has been eating me up. Please advise me.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Eeeeiii as3m oooo

    Sister u need to sit ur husby down to let him know u have seen waz going on n if he denies my dear just go away oook
    This is real sin paaa ooo

    • Becareful with the issue when approaching them so they dont feel threatened of exposure about their dirty secrete, u can be eliminated.

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