My Husband Sent My Nudes to His Side Chick


I finally surmoned courage to write to you. I feel so ashamed and worthless with what I found out last night. Can you imagine that my husband snapped naked pictures of me and sent my nudes to his side chick? They were mocking me and saying that my breast is too slack and my private part is too lose.

The stupid girl was laughing and comparing herself with mine while my husband was busy calling me all sorts of names. My husband usually logs in to Facebook with my phone whenever he doesn’t have data and logs out afterwards but last night it seems he forgot to do the usual.

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I wanted to open Facebook and have fun when I saw that it was still his account logged into mine. I wanted to log out but decided to visit his Messenger. I have never checked what he does with his life but I did it last night only to saw my nudes in a girl’s inbox, a little girl I am far older than and they were mocking me.

I am already used to sleeping naked. My husband is this type of man that never goes a night without having sex with me so I got used to sleeping naked and feeling free. I never would’ve believed he can do such to me but he did it. I am so ashamed but couldn’t ask him. I feel so worthless and stupid.

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I have been battling with myself and couldn’t go to my shop today because I am hurt. I don’t know how to gather the courage to ask him this. Even to type this to you, I feel so ashamed. You need to see how my nudes are scattered in a little girl’s inbox simply because my husband is having an affair with her.

I need advice from the fans so I know the next step to take. I am so sad now.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Hello dear, calm down. The little girl has done nothing and she has forgotten the saying what goes around comes back around. She will grow, marry and give birth and wished she would be as young as she is now. Have your ans set and confront your husband by first sending screenshot of the chat to him. Now give him the silent treatment and see who loose.

  2. Soo unfortunate for a husband to disgrace his own wife to this extent, but u can only get over it once u confront him, gather the vim n do so so you can continue living ur life
    Take heart dear

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