My Husband Sold His Car because of Me


There are good marriages and mine is one of them. Sometimes, the circumstances behind the marriage makes it hard to explain it for people to understand. But I believe someone will learn a thing or two from it.

I caused my fiance, now my husband, a lot that I’m still sorry for. He was my first boyfriend and was the one who broke my virginity. He had the chance to travel outside to school so after 3 months, I broke things off with him because I was scared he’d leave me for any of the beautiful mates he took pictures with. I just couldn’t handle the jealousy.

He finished schooling and came back but at that time I had a child with a guy who promised to marry me but used my List to marry another lady. My husband told me he was back and accepted the baby as his own. I needed money to rent and also was owing a woman a huge amount of money. This guy didn’t have that money and sold his car to pay the money and rent a new place for me.

Then he went back. He thought I’ll date again but I told him I’ll wait for him no matter what. He returned after 5 years and we’ve been married for 3 years now. After we got married, that my ex who went to marry another, came back that he wants his son because his wife wasn’t giving birth. I also didn’t have a child for my husband and let the boy go to his father.

This really pained my husband but my reason for doing that was, though I love my son with all my heart, I didn’t want my ex to use him to cause problems in my marriage which is what he was doing (calling very late in the evening to talk to his son, coming there without calling, talking disrespectfully to my husband and other things).

Now, I’m pregnant and my husband is ok now. Though I’m not perfect I do everything to make him know how much I appreciate him because few men will stick around but he did and he loves me so much.

My advice to other ladies is not every guy has the heart to contain a lot of these things so if you meet a good guy, don’t end it with him. You might never get another chance.

Written by Abena Magis


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