My Husband, the Uber Driver


I’ve been married for 6 months. Let me say my husband as a person is a good man but there is something about him that I don’t like.

He is an Uber driver, and takes the contacts of ladies he picks and chats with them. I used complain but he always said he is just building a business relationship with them. I don’t know which business relationship that is. How can an Uber driver be building business relationship?

There is this lady my husband picked sometime ago and took her number. Auntie Abena can you imagine that when he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he does is to check up on the lady? I complained about it but he says I’m only reading meanings into things and exaggerating too much.

Recently, he has been picking one lady bi almost every Tuesday. I went through their chats and realized that they have talking about deep things. He’s been teaching her how to be romantic and all that. She has a baby she is breast feeding but when she has issues with her baby daddy, it’s my husband confides in. He’s become her personal counselor and they have become best of friends that I’m even surprised mpo.

On Monday, I was with him, when she called and told him to pick her up yesterday as usual. It didn’t end there because they continued talking about other stuffs.

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I told my husband I’m not comfortable with that and we ended up quarreling. I told him to tell the girl to look for a different driver but he ignored me. He will go as far as telling the lady he is hungry and stuff. He can go and take indomie from her and come and eat in my presence because the lady sells it.
Even today he came home with indomie.

As if that is not enough, he keeps talking and chatting with his exes. I have complained but still he’s doing it. The problem here is he doesn’t see anything wrong with all these. I’m seriously losing interest in him.

Yesterday, he ask why did I marry him if I don’t trust him.
The only thing I thought I was doing was protecting my marriage but my husband and pastor thinks I’m just exaggerating. I want to know if I’m exaggerating or I’m right of how I’m feeling.

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The world is not safe anymore. Even your blood can sleep with your husband how much more a stranger.  My husband is a very handsome guy and almost everyone likes him. He is not reasoning with me. What should I do please? I want to ignore him and concentrate on my work but I’ve not been able to concentrate with all these stuffs going through my mind.

Abena I just realized he has been deleting their chat too. Please advice me on what to do to gain my sanity and peace of mind. Thank you very much. Kindly share it for me

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Yes you are exaggerating indeed
    How was he when you met him?
    Just have trust for him and the doubting will stop
    Concentrate on believing him than finding ways to get evidence of him cheating

    Some of us men makes friends easier with ladies than men and friendships with ladies comes with all those things

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