My Husband’s Girlfriend of 9 Years Tagged Him in a Picture


My husband and I have been married for 8 months and I’m already expecting. We met through a friend after I confided in her that I’m not growing younger and wanted to settle down. We were introduced and slowly I developed love for him. He was interested in settling down and we got married 1 year after meeting.

2 months ago, that’s first week in December someone hacked my account and my husband came in to help me retrieve it. I missed being online and reading posts from your page so I created a new one and sent some old friends my friend requests. There was one lady I knew to be his former colleague that was suggested to be added as a friend. I sent her the request and it went to pending.

She came inbox to find out who I was and when I told her it’s a temporal account until I recover the old one, she accepted my request. That evening I saw a post she made 3 days earlier in which she’d tagged my husband in a picture with the caption, “celebrating 9 years of friendship, love and lots of laughter.” His brother commented on the picture with “♥️.”

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Eiiiii. So I went inbox and asked her if they’re still in contact. Then she said they’ve always been together but will be getting married soon because people keep asking when they’re getting married. I just wanted to tell her that I’m his wife but I needed some answers. While we were dating, my husband and I met her twice and the first time he told me she’s his office girlfriend. She laughed and we all had an easy conversation. The second time was at a program though we didn’t sit together.

Hearing her saying this made me ask her what her “boyfriend” told her about me and she said he told her that we used to stay in the same area when we were kids. My fiance dumped me painfully so he was helping me out of it because I sometimes became suicidal. Eiiii Fiko me? I showed her pictures of our wedding, photoshoot, normal pictures shot at home and even my pregnancy. She asked for my number and called me crying because she was hurt and shocked that this guy could do that to her.

My husband came home that night and pretended like he didn’t know what’s up. I sent her a message and she told me she’d confronted him but he only told her one thing led to the other one night and I got pregnant. Due to my state of my mind, my family forced him to marry me otherwise I might kill myself. I lost the baby after marriage and now pregnant again so that’s why he couldn’t tell her the truth because he didn’t want to lose her.

It’s been 2 months but he hasn’t asked me anything and I’ve also not asked him. The only one showing me their chats and calls is the lady. My husband has told her that he’s not ready to let go of her and ready to divorce me and marry her. I’m waiting for the day he’ll tell me himself. I’m waiting.

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Written by Abena Magis


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