My Mallam Slept with My Girlfriend


I would like you to post this story for me on how my mallam friend slept with my girlfriend. I will monitor and read the comments.
I’m a 24 year old guy, a singer and a final year UCC student. I have been with my girlfriend since 2011 when we were both in JHS. It’s been 9 years now. We love each other, and have been happily living together.
Frankly speaking she has not cheated on me before but for about 9 months now she has been battling with a serious vagina infection. This made me also develop severe itching around my penis. We have consulted a lot of Doctors and Herbalists but this infection has refused to heal.

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I am also into an online business so I met a friend who is more into spirituality. He said he wanted to help me to make more money online. Indeed he helped me and frankly speaking all is going on well for me financially. I decided to tell my “Mallam friend” about the infection problem to see if he could help us since he is more spiritually inclined.

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My ”Mallam Friend” told me the infection is a spiritual thing and that my girl has spiritual marriages. (Not marriage oo. Marriages) so her “husbands” want to use the infection to break up our relationship. He assured me that he can help her out and gave us a list of items to buy like Goat, Gin, etc to start the process.

To cut things short…

Just this morning my girlfriend called me and said my ”mallam friend” called her to come his place last night for another spiritual process, He told her the only solution to her problem was for him to get his own sperms to do ritual for her. My girl told him she can’t do it but he convinced her that it’s something he’s told me before. He continued by saying that the situation will get worse if he doesn’t complete the process. That since he has started the spiritual healing, he knows if he tells me I won’t agree. She finally gave in and they had sex. Then this my mallam pulled out and used the sperms to rub her feet and palm as part of the spiritual healing.
Now I feel my girl has been used. I know my friend too is powerful but it’s just some way. Could it be true healing or did he just take advantage of my girlfriend? I would be glad if somebody who is spiritually inclined too could help me. Thanks for posting.


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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Jesus is the only way, the truth and life. Go to Him and all your burden will be uplifted. The devil has nothing good to offer but remember, premarital sex is abominable. Live righteously and you and your girlfriend will be freed from evil manipulations of this world. Forgive both your gf and mallam. Forget everything, give your life to Christ and start a new life afresh.

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