My Marriage Will Give My Ex BP


It’s not easy to be in your shoes, I appreciate you a lot. I’ve decided to keep things to myself but where it has reached I don’t want to regret my next action since two heads are better than one.

I used to date a girl in my village who supported me through my SHS even though she was a student. I can say that at times she used her mom’s money to take care of me. In fact, she was my happiness, and everything. I promised to marry her or to pay her back with the happiness she needs but her mom was a dangerous person against us. To the extent of wanting to arrest me and warning my parents day and night including my friends to tell me to leave her daughter alone.

Her daughter cheated on me more than three times, I caught her and forgave her because her reason was that her mom was pushing her to do so, all because I was nobody. Now she is a baby mama with twins for another guy.

I’ve relocated and I’m enjoying my life, now working with a huge salary. My ex now complains about her guy, which I always give her advise to stay and help him. Whenever I go back to the village I provide her with what she asks for and money.

Now I am dating and planning to get married soon. My ex is envious about it so I have kept her out of my marriage affairs. Her mom on the other hand says I’ve cursed her daughter and wants her to come back to me which I am not ready. Her second daughter wants me to help her get work, which I was planning to help her.

They are mad just because I jokingly wrote on my status that I am getting married but it wasn’t my wedding too. I don’t want to hurt my ex but her mom is my problem now. Till now my ex doesn’t know it’s because of her mum that I moved away. She might commit suicide if she finds out. I’m planning to give them all bp by wedding my new fiancee. I know it’ll create division and havock among them but should I keep it secret or let it all out?

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Written by Abena Magis


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