My Mom is Giving Me Pressure to Leave My Man

My name is Janet from the North. 5 years ago I met this guy and he is everything I could ever ask for, he treats me like a queen. Though he is not that rich but he’s very okay, he washes my panties, helps me out in the kitchen etc. I know one way or the other he would cheat on me but I didn’t care, I only concentrated on playing my part, eventually we became more serious.

He is really a giver, unless he doesn’t have but if he does, he’ll give anything you ask for, he gives my family money and all. He had a son with some girl bi in the volta region and one day, his son’s grandmother called him and complained about she being too weak to take care of the boy. Also, the daughter wasn’t staying home to take care of her son so she was begging him to do everything possible to go for him. He then discussed it with me and we agreed on he bringing his son to Tema where I stay because he was too busy to take care of him. Even though I was also working, I could still adjust to take care of him. His son was 4 years old by then.

He went ahead and brought him, I loved and took care of this boy like my own. My family too loved him so much. Two weeks after he brought the boy, the mother called me raining insults on me (I didn’t know where she got my number from). I then informed my boyfriend about it so he called his son’s grandmother and they both placed me on a conference call. The woman begged me not to mind her daughter because she was frustrated about my boyfriend coming for his son. That she never thought upon all her nonsense, the guy could take his son away. We cleared the issue.

Due to the way I took this boy as my own, my boyfriend didn’t let me down at all, unless I don’t ask him money or me wanting to go outside the country he’ll do exactly that for me. Mind you I am 29 and he is 33 but I don’t know what happened and all of a sudden things started crushing up. He lost ???? his job and all his assets. What to eat even became a problem for him. Things became so bad that he no longer has a place to stay so he had to perch with a friend for about 2 years.

Things are getting worse and worse everyday. It got to a time his friend started giving him attitude so he sometimes comes and sleep at my place. I live with my family but have got my own room. My mum doesn’t really stay with my sisters and I, she stays at Kasoa so she comes and goes. Just recently, she said that I am getting old and I can’t wait for my boyfriend to bounce back. That I need to give birth and start a family. She has been giving my guy attitude and doesn’t even want to see his son.

Since things got worse, I have been supporting him and taking care of the boy without his help for good two years. Should I listen to my mom? I have got so many rich dudes who want me, I love my boyfriend regardless of how things are with him now, and to even remember how good he was to me, I can’t just leave him. I’m so confused.

I am a very beautiful figure 8 girl with flat tommy and big ass men are at my feet but I love this dude regardless. What should I do? Please help me.

Written by Abena Magis

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