My Mother And I Don’t Have A Cordial Relationship.


Hello Aunty Abena, good afternoon. Please keep me anonymous. I am a very top fan of your page and read everything going on, but please I want you and your noble fans to advice me on this issue. I am a young lady of 21years and since I was born till date, I can’t share any of my secrets with my mum like how other ladies share everything with their mum.

I tried that severally but I will later regret doing that. I don’t just feel comfortable doing it. Anytime I’m sitting somewhere and my mum or my elder sister comes there, I feel like they are blocking my path. I will not feel comfortable with them till I leave there. I can joke and laugh with my friends and neighbors but when I’m home, then it seems like I’m in hell with them. Nothing happened between us though, we cool.

Till date, they don’t even know who I am dating and if I’m going out to spend the night with my guy, I will just leave without telling anybody and come back again and they keep complaining about it. But I don’t know how to be telling them about such things.

Please, is it normal? Can I just continue like that till I wanna be married or before opening to them? I’m a little disturbed about it. Please help a member. I am reading comments. Thank you.

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Written by Esther

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